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Mr. Speed Painting Door Decker Tool

Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools is a very unique painting tool company based in Amarillo, Texas. The company provides innovative tools that increase door painting productivity in the paint industry locally, nationally, and even globally! Richard Speed originally founded his business as a paint contracting company in 1979. With the invention of his Door Decking Finishing System, Richard was able to develop the new avenue of the company in 1997 with wife Mary and their son, Dustin. The Speed family became a team of founders that boosted their novel and ingenious products to gain attention of painters every where. They even developed sales locations in other parts of the world like the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Dustin Speed is currently the CEO of Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools along who along with his wife, Chrystene manage the day to day operations of the company. They met while working summers at Philmont Scout Ranch (Boy Scout camp in New Mexico) and knew that they could be the dream team for whatever was placed in front of them. They sought to educate themselves as business people so they started and graduated from the West Texas A&M Enterprise Center, a business development and growth program.  They are also active Scouting volunteers and volunteer when possible with their local Habitat for Humanity chapter. They believe it is important to use their business capabilities for the benefit of others.

The American-made company of Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools became what it is today through hard word and dedication. The global expansion has been of little challenge for Dustin and Chrystene. Together they have made a world of difference in peoples’ lives through perseverance and integrity, not only in the painting industry, but for others as well.
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