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Website Design

Your website should tell a story. User experience is a tell sign for Google to know if your website is giving your clients what they want.


Search Engine Optimization is getting your website to rank in a specific key word of phrase. The same key word of phrase that they use to search Google.

Social Media

Social Media posts, are posts made to facilitate traffic between your social interactions and your website that converts them to clients.

Local Listings

Local listings are design to capture local Geotagged potential clients and direct them to your website. White Pages, Yelp etcetera show your business.

Digital Amarillo

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Digital Amarillo

Digital Amarillo is ranked as the number one web development firm in Amarillo, Texas. We are locally owned and operated. Our company was started in 2014. With over twenty-two years of experience, Digital Amarillo is Amarillo’s most experienced online marketing company. We utilize our experience with the world wide web to build performance websites for businesses.

Who is Digital Amarillo?

Digital Amarillo is an Amarillo Online Marketing Company. The company was started in 2014 and is locally owned and operated. Twenty-two years of experience helped Digital Amarillo develop a clear mission. We want to design, create, and build a high performing website for your company. We want your website to appear on the first page of a search result. We will build you a website that beats other sites on results pages. Higher result positions will get more potential clients. Clients will follow the link and read about your company. They will learn about your products and services. They will see how your company can meet their needs.

How do we work?

As a new generation of consumers enters the market, will they be able to find your company?

How do I get found online?” should be your number one question in today’s worldwide market. The answer is simple. Contact Digital Amarillo.

Digital Amarillo helps companies create and maintain an online presence. Our specialized and experienced team stays current on ways to create new leads for your company. We analyze trending searches for keywords related to your company. Digital Amarillo can help your company navigate the world wide web and understand options available for marketing your company.

Companies without a website and social media profiles are invisible to a generation of consumers that have never used a phonebook! You can find anything on the internet, your company should be at the top of the search results page.

If potential new clients are searching online for answers to their problems, will they find your company? Does your company have relevant and accurate information online? If your answer is no to either or both questions, your company is missing out on possible sales.

Why should you choose Digital Amarillo?

The professionals at Digital Amarillo work to stay on top of the latest trends and rules set by search engines. Being on the cutting edge, allows us to design and build websites that are relevant to current search keywords. Digital Amarillo maintains the highest of standards. Our company works hard and takes pride in being transparent and honest with clients.

We will do our best for you.

To build a new website or assess your current website, contact Digital Amarillo today. We can set up your free one-hour assessment. It will be clear why Digital Amarillo should be your choice for online marketing services. You will see how effective and different our approach is compared to the competition.

Five Dog Solutions will put your company in front of the clients you want and need by increasing traffic to your website.

  • Website not earning you money?
  • Ever wonder about the hits you get?
  • Your companies online appearance?
  • Do you have a holistic marketing?
  • Inbound Marketing is new marketing!

What we do

List of what Digital Amarillo

First Website Design

Website Design

A website is built to tell a story. It’s important to include the right layout, structure, and content when you design your site. Know your target audience and their language. Give them information quickly to showcase your business. Plan colors to invite clients in. Add graphics to keep them interested. Include other features in the site to make it easy to navigate. Consistent success with loading times and links encourage clients. Key words and dependable links help boost site rankings. Higher site rankings lead to more traffic. More traffic can lead to more money for your business. The better your design, the better you can tell your story.

Second SEO & SERP


Search Engine Optimization is how you make your website look good to search engines. You know what clients look for. You know how they will say it. Use those keywords in your site design. Make sure they reflect content. Key words can lead to higher search result rankings. You want your site to move to the top of the Search Engine Results Page. Clients are important to your site. By using SEO strategies, you can draw in more visitors and more sales. 

Third Social Media

Social Media

Social media can attract more visitors to your site. It allows clients to interact with you. You are a person. You are approachable. Be open and polite in your interactions. Share information. Discuss to show your knowledge. Leave positive comments to reflect your commitment. Clients on social media consume content. What they see could lead them to you. 

Fourth Local Listings

Local Listings

You want your website to be seen locally. Local listings add your information to an online index. Searches in your area see your information. Listing information should be consistent. It should also be accurate. There are many local directories. Your information can be shared from many places. You become more visible. More people are attracted to your site. More people see your business. As your visibility increases, so can your profits. 

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